Into the water

Franziskas maternity photoshooting

I had a wonderful, funny and cheerful maternity photoshooting this week, near Baden. Just right after I took the last photo my fingers were tingeling as I wanted to start retouching the pictures right now! It’s often hard for me to wait. For me it’s super important to wait and not edit the pictures too early. If you leave them unattended for some days, you kind of get a distance to the pictures. And I feel, the editing process is better when you have this distance.

But the story from the beggining. Franziska and Christoph will be parents in October and I am really pretty happy that they found me – and we took their maternity photos together. If you see them, you will think that they are in love just for a couple of months. They look so newly in love. Actually they are together since 12 years! It’s unbelievable, how they spread from being in love! When they look at each other, their eyes sparkle. Oh that sounds kitschy, but it is the way I felt it.

Anyways, I had the feeling of meeting old friends. Our photoshooting was so easy, uncomplicated and funny, just like I love it! We tried everything that came to our minds and walked along the tiny river. So long we weren’t sure, how far the „shore“ was away. Because we talked so much! Even after some days I kind of felt the icecold water and the solid pebbles at my soles. But the pictures were definitly worth everything. Thank you, Franziska and Christoph for your trust in me. And for all these beautiful pictures that we created together.

Junglefeeling and maternity photos