Let's make memories!

I LOVE taking pictures of people being themselves with the ones they love. To capture and ban moments onto my sensor like your memory-collector. Whether for newbornphotoshootings, wedding reportages or couple shootings. Maybe I can tell your story soon too?

I love a relaxed atmosphere at my shootings, so I don’t work in a studio, but in your home, in the nature or elsewhere, where you feel comfortable. I always watch very precisely and let the people in front of my camera do whatever they want and be themselves. My favourite photos result from natural moments, when people are laughing about my bad jokes or don’t expect that it makes *click*.

You can find a lot of my photoseries at the following link. As I’m still working on my translated photoblogs, they are still in german. My photoseries

Now this is about me:

I am Anna, a 32-year-old photographer living in Vienna, Austria. I feel like I have always taken photos. In the holidays with the camera of my parents or later as a teen with my first own beloved camera. I was always „Anna with the camera“ – and I am still.

It was always clear that I want to work with my camera later and so I studied photography at Die Graphische in Vienna and got my master’s certificate in photography. This was the time I decided to give my dream a go.

After over 10 years as a self-employed photographer I experienced a lot of funny and emotional moments. There are a lot of families that I accompany since years and it’s such a honor to document all the little steps they take together. As these steps include very intimate moments, I decided to take a very emotional and personal way of photography and this is why I want to show you a bit more of myself.

As on a smartphone there is not enough space, you can find more about me, my favourite things and quirks on my website via a desktop-pc, laptop or tablet. Like what my at-home-passions are or that I totally fell in love with Iceland. Also that I love my grannys stuffed peppers, Earl Grey Fizz and which music I prefer. Got curious?

I love being outdoors, especially where it’s silent and I can feel fresh, cool air. In the mountains, the woods, with sun or rain.

I live in Vienna with my fiancée Dani, but our secret dream is living in an old house in the calm woods. Maybe this is why we love travelling to peaceful places with outstanding landscapes. We did roadtrips through the norwegian Lofoten or Azores. But we absolutely fell in love with Iceland.

Besides you can please me with good food (my grannys stuffed peppers!), Earl Frey Fizz, polaroid photos and profound conversations. My granny-passions are crocheting and doing jigsaws. I rarely get bored as besides my photography I am also working as an editor for the childrens tv program and aswell for a TV quiz show.

We also adore our Urban Jungle with all the plants at home. I just love to watch them everyday and see if there are new leaves or shoots.

Music is also my passion – I established an online music magazine with friends in my 20s and had the honour to interview and take photos of a lot of my favourite musicians. My perfect playlist include Casper and Bring Me The Horizon. And my heart also beats for the 90s ;)

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Pricing & information


It’s always superexciting to get photos of oneself – especially when they are done in a natural way. My way is to watch people and capture their true, natural moments and emotions.

Most of the time I work with people like „you and me“, people that aren’t experienced in standing in front of a camera. This is why an easy, relaxed atmosphere is one of the most important things while shooting with me.

I offer natural portrait sessions for individuals and couples for 300€. I also do shootings with artists like actors, musicians or everyone who feels like an artist – for 400€.


Weddings are so diverse – so also my offers vary. Whether you celebrate a big boho wedding or a tiny gathering of your beloved ones – I am in! I will capture authentic, unperfect perfect and emotional moments. I will tie up a package that fits perfectly to you – the basic package consisting of me, your photos, an usb-stick in a natural wooden box and a web-gallery. Without extra shenanigans that you may not need.

You will get about 100 photos per hour on-site. And: On top is my long-time experience as a wedding photographer. Since my first wedding in 2010 I have seen lots of different weddings. Including two-person-elopements, very big Austrian weddings with all the traditions you can think of, and also a Russian one with not only a lot of guests, but also a lot of vodka ;)

maternity & newborn

Your maternity shooting should take part about 4 to 8 weeks before the estimated date of birth – or whenever you feel the best. I love outdoor maternity photoshootings like in the woods or a field. The newborn photoshoot will take place in your home, where we shoot a very natural, beautiful homestory with intimate photos. The best time is when your baby is up to 3 weeks or when it’s 3 months or older.

I offer single shootings starting 400€ or both maternity and newborn photoshootings starting 720€ depending on the package you choose.


I love to fool around with the kids, to chit chat and have a good time – so they feel relaxed and have fun during our photoshooting.

Whenever it’s possible I go outside with the families – with a picnic blanket, cuddly toys or some „games“ in my head, so it won’t get boring for the kids and the photos become more natural and pure.

Family shootings start at 400€ for a digital download, up to 460€ for the version with a photobox and prints.


A happy baby and a yummy cake – my perfect ingredients for a cakesmash photoshooting! Several times a year I organize such photoshootings for kids around their 1st birthday (birthday isn’t necessary – the main thing is, they need to be able to sit. The best age is around 8 to 14 months).

The cakesmash shooting includes 45 minutes of shooting, the decoration and the cake. You can choose between a package with 10 edited photos for 300€ (8€ for every further pictures) and 350€ for 25 edited pictures.


You have questions? Or want to know more about my pricing? Or want to book me? You can text me via my contact form, but please also feel free to send me a mail!

Please insert every information I would need – for example the wedding date and locations if you want to book me as your wedding photographer, or the estimated birth date when you want me to shoot your newborn session.

By the way, my main location is Vienna, I’m also rooted in Baden – and from these cities I’m always open to take longer journeys to you, to preserve your memories on my camera. For sure I also love to travel, so take me to places everywhere in the world.

Contact information

Anna Obermeier
Professional and Master photographer
hello [at ] annaobermeier.at
+43 677 619 5 36 37
1200 Vienna & 2500 Baden