Golden Hour Photoshooting in Vienna

mit Lisa und Christoph

Do you know what I don’t take for granted at all? Friends booking me for a photoshooting! And that’s exactly what Christoph did last year. He put a voucher for a couple photoshooting for Lisa under the Christmas tree. This autumn the time had come and we had an incredibly beautiful photoshoot in a perfect light.

By the way, if you think a photo shoot with people you know is superduper easy – far from it! Sometimes it’s even a bit more difficult for me because you have to withdraw more as a person. Especially during a couple photo shoot where you want to capture the intimate and emotional moments. There has to be enough space for it. For sure I have to take the funny photos aswell, in which you can „hear“ the laughter. But look how deeply in love Lisa and Christoph are on their photos. I just love the mix!

By the way, I’m only showing you a small excerpt from our golden hour photoshooting. The pictures that were taken on the steppe-like meadow are simply my favorites. I love the soft evening light. With it the pictures look incredibly idyllic. And the colors of their outfits just go so well in the surroundings! At this point it should be mentioned that we were attacked spontaneously by a horde of mosquitoes. I was very busy editing because there were so many that you could see them flying around. In one photo, a mosquito was allowed to remain on Christoph’s face for reasons of memory. So much for intimacy and emotions! Ha;)

Golden Hour Photoshooting in Viennas Lobau