Coupleshooting in a wheat field

Magdalena and Angelo in Vienna

A coupleshooting – with a babybelly. With the feeling of the Golden Hour – but not exactly at the Golden Hour time. This is how I would describe the really funny shooting with Magdalena and Angeli, erm sorry, Angelo. The last thing is a little insider ;)

I visited the two in their wonderful house in the outskirts of Vienna. With a beautiful, bright living room, a luscious, green garden and a lot of wheat fields in the surroundings. You can imagine, my photographer’s heart beat faster! And because I really adore taking photos at such wheat fields, this was one of my highlights at this day. I love being a bit spontaneous at coupleshootings and finding special locations like this. And also changing locations and not staying too long at the same spot. Most of the time I work with people that are in front of a camera for the first time, so I like it easy, relaxed and sometimes also „quick and dirty“.

Tiny mosquitoes and flies annoyed us, but Magdalena and Angelo were brave and eager. They joined me at every idea I had taken into my head. The time with these two souls was so inspiring and refreshing, so that I am so happy that they found me as their photographer! We are on the same wavelength – with a lot of fun, talking about nonsense, so I am really looking forward to the next shooting with them.

Magdalena and Angelo, thank you for having me as your photographer! I had a wonderful day and I am very happy with the outcome. And now it’s a wait-and-see-project: Their tiny soul will hit the road soon! And I am very curious – about him and for sure also about his name.

Straight into the wheat field