Alina and the bumblebee

Maternity photoshooting in Baden

It was a very special maternity photoshooting, because Alina’s warm words afterwards still feel like honey to me. Like balm on the soul. Everything you need on a cold winter evening.

Alina found me on Instagram this summer. We wanted to do the shooting originally about a month and a half before the due date. As Alina didn’t feel well and should have come from Graz, we both spent some time with „stomach ache“. Will the shoot still take place? The later in the pregnancy, the greater the risk that a maternity photoshooting will no longer work out. All of my time as a photographer there were only two photoshootings that didn’t take place as a BELLY shooting – as the babies have already been born.

But then it was late summer. And maybe it was fate that wanted to bring us closer, that we just have to wait a little longer. We then met in Bad Vöslau at the end of August. I still had the location in mind from a wedding. I had discovered so many beautiful places in the woods. A beautiful forest, the scent of which I can still smell. And since Alina is a real child of nature and loves the forest, it was probably the right place for her and her Nils too.

A bit mystical – with the forest, the clearing and matching Alina’s red dress. Which fairy tale do the first photos remind you of? ;) I don’t want to say much more. Turn up a nice song and enjoy the pictures :)

Bon Iver – Holoscene

Maternity photoshooting in Bad Voeslau